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When the DesignInquiry framers conceived of OTHER/WISE last fall (and/or, for that matter, Rod and I committed to our year of appreciating the weird), we had no idea how much the goings on in American government would warp the focus. Mainly we were thinking about alternative approaches to practice, and how coming at something from…

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This past August DesignInquiry traveled to Bamfield, BC to study the topic WILD _ _ NESS / WEIRD _ NESS. Amidst discussions of climate change, the anthropocene, queering of spaces, and questioning what is a wild space, the outcome of this Inquiry for Rod and I is a commitment to notice and appreciate wildness, wilderness,…

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Shows of Wealth and Humour // September in Port Alberni

The first time I witnessed the Port Alberni Toy Run, it was an accident. We were at one of the shops downtown when all of a sudden a bazillion motorcycles thundered by us, nonstop, for about 20 minutes, making it impossible to cross the street. Riders were wearing Santa hats and had presents attached to…

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Things Unearthed When Moving

They are tearing down the building where Rod went to high school, and having a demolition sale. This jar full of dried up gum bits was there. Probably years of gum. I like how the colors get more neon closer to the top. Gum archaeology. It didn’t have a price though.

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The Neighbourhood


Today on our walk to the woods we took a slightly different route. We found a street in our neighborhood that we didn’t know existed. 8 years here, prowling around, and new avenues are still opening up.

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Calculated Risks / Pragmatic Leaps

DesignInquiry in NYC

Holy crap: the plan is working. My decision to leave the Most Stable Job in the World in order to pursue ‘the untenured life’ as Ann Cline calls it has been a topic of almost continuous contemplation over the past year. Nagging thoughts (surely I have the tools and skills, I know Rod does, surely…

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Here We Go

On January 18th, years of work and a few big decisions lifted off in front of our eyes. This is our project, The Cardiff/Miller House being installed on the Art Gallery of Alberta’s 3rd story terrace for the Alberta Biennial. The crane day marked a turning point. From here we will document what happens next…

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