Halfway into our year of appreciating the weird, we present the Sauna/Smokehouse as part of Arrivals + Departures at the Nanaimo Art Gallery’s 40th Anniversary exhibition, a group show on view January 26-March 25. And our next project presented itself days after the opening: a studio. Located on River Road/the Alberni Highway, we’ll have larger more expansive space, big…

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Paƛqiqas // Take A Fire and Make Another

May 14, 2016 : Our closing event at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria was an opportunity to further explore the work of the previous six months; we made several new pieces and opened some new collaborative doors. Due to the Alberta fires happening concurrently we opted not to distribute the poster that Emily made for the event.…

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Fire, still going

Paƛšiʔaƛma is installed in the LAB for spring. The imagining part of this work, initially inspired by Emily Carr’s Elephant, was happening just about one year ago. But then Jock & Barbara Niece Macdonald entered the picture, thanks to the unexpected, beautiful open prompt for Circumstance by Gwen MacGregor and Michelle Jacques. (Meanwhile Ms. Carr’s tiny house project becomes what…

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