Fire, still going

Paƛšiʔaƛma is installed in the LAB for spring. The imagining part of this work, initially inspired by Emily Carr’s Elephant, was happening just about one year ago. But then Jock & Barbara Niece Macdonald entered the picture, thanks to the unexpected, beautiful open prompt for Circumstance by Gwen MacGregor and Michelle Jacques.

(Meanwhile Ms. Carr’s tiny house project becomes what it should have been all along, a project so difficult and time consuming there aren’t even words yet.)

FireIsJustStarting_InstallationAGGV_smWe are now busy planning Paƛšiʔaƛma’s first public event, Paƛqiqas (Take a fire and make another). For this we will fire up the sauna/smokehouse and invite people inside. At the end there will be a small feast of the food we smoke throughout the day. I am thinking a lot about the visual aspects of this gesture.