Many Languages Workshop

Rod Sayers

We conducted a virtual workshop with the Illinois State University Graphic Design students and their professors. The project demonstrated the adventure of working with operating systems, fonts, and software in projects that have minority characters in written language and warned against digital majority thinking. It touched upon the sensitivity and awareness needed to work with…

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C.R.A.F.T. is established

C>R>A>F>T garden 2020

We formed the Centre for Retrofitting and Failure Techniques (C.R.A.F.T.) to invite conversations we thought people should be having more often. [ Centre ] To be a lightning rod and reference point in arts-based practice and research. To form, then document, current experimental practices.   for   [ Retrofitting ] To activate the possibility of redoing,…

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Workshop City

Take Something Apart Online Workshop

Pandemic limitations have opened up some possibilities. In schoolyear 2020-2021, we gave three visiting lectures at three Universities, two workshops, and one formal critique. Not having to fly the two of us in, and keeping the time commitment minimized for organizers has allowed for us to have a multi-faceted conversation, with two of us (rather…

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