Emily Luce

Fire, still going

Paƛšiʔaƛma is installed in the LAB for spring. The imagining part of this work, initially inspired by Emily Carr’s Elephant, was happening just about one year ago. But then Jock & Barbara Niece Macdonald entered the picture, thanks to the unexpected, beautiful open prompt for Circumstance by Gwen MacGregor and Michelle Jacques. (Meanwhile Ms. Carr’s tiny house project becomes what…

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Paƛšiʔaƛma (The Fire is Just Starting)

Paƛšiʔaƛma (The Fire is Just Starting) explores two traditions common in British Columbia shacks, the European sauna and the First Nations smokehouse. Smoke, a by-product from the wood stove in the sauna portion of the structure, is captured and used to prepare food in the functional smokehouse. The work is informed by a long tradition…

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