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Drawing the Canada-Wide Science Fair : Leila Armstrong, Cindy Baker, Christine Clark, Kelaine Devine, Leanne Elias, Mandy Espezel, Denton Fredrikson, David Hoffos, Emily Luce, Glen MacKinnon, Petra Mala Miller, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Megan Morman, Shanell Papp, Beth Porter, Rod Sayers, Corinne Thiesen-Hepher.

Drawing the Canada-Wide Science Fair © the artist

Drawing the Canada-Wide Science Fair was a collective of sixteen artists who have come together to interpret and play with the spectacle of a national science fair through visual language. By drawing on-site during the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the artists created and immediately broadcast drawings of selected projects on display. The idea is to expand the notion of drawing around…

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