Em’s Journal

a few links

Links that captured my imagination lately: R & D (Research & Degrowth) The Soberscove Press ‘seeks to make available art-related materials that fill a gap in the literature or are difficult to access for a variety of reasons (i.e. out-of-print, not in translation, previously unpublished, forgotten, or limited in circulation.)’ “NIGHTLAB is a three-week session to explore issues…

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Good Week on the Internet

The best Golden Globes fashion commentary. Internet surprise: Genuinely enjoyed Jerry Seinfeld + Jay Leno episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Prerequisites none. This continuing studies course at University of Toronto: what ConEd should be. 3007 Crisis, Concept, Object, and Shadow: Reading, Making, and Re-making Contemporary Poetry Co-facilitated by Karen Solie and Ken Babstock,…

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This Lime

This lime: a representative of the kind of inspiration that doesn’t require you to do anything or make anything, beautiful things happening, of their own accord.

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