The Object is the Event

During the residency in Arnhem, we wanted to take advantage of the ceramics and wood werkplaats, and to respond to students and the school with a new Search & Research. We built a wood-fired oven in a shopping cart, and held an event with the department and our friends in which we made pizzas in…

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In Residence at Arnhem

In Autumn of 2017, Emily was the Designer in Residence in the Department of Product Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands. Rod joined her in early October.

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Frite Haus

Frite Haus (2017) First of Emily’s designed and printed tent series, sewn in four panels based on the frite cone (food ephemera,) 3-colour serigraph on ultralight ripstop, folds to 8 x 8″ square inspired by frog origami. Printed at ArtEZ Arnhem silk screen shop and sewn in Department of Product Design residency.

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