Search & Research, a Record of Our Practice(s)


This website represents work over the last three years; walks in the woods, enough sleep, countless conversations. Between its lines, there is a complete overhaul in how we think about how food is grown and how it is distributed. It is informed by one week in 2014 when we took on Truth and Reconciliation wholeheartedly, to write for a grant that we did not end up receiving, but that blew a hole in the wall of our thinking and work. It is the work of Pachena Bay Campground and the 2nd bridge swimming spot.

Search & Research is an effort to contribute something special to the conversations happening in art and design. It does not rehash, it explores. It’s not urgent, and doesn’t promise to be consistent. It has an independent spirit, and a deep commitment to the land, to art practice, to design process, and to how we relate to things. It is a record of our practice(s) and our work together and separately, organized into an annual rhythm that gently unfolded by being here.