I’ve been working on a list of 100 blogs to read.

From Chateau de Gudanes, this post, about treading lightly:

“We want to accept its patina and wear, like an old, favourite, worn and frayed, cashmere sweater that you can’t bear to part with.”


“The restoration and the future design is all to do with ‘treading lightly’.  It’s our philosophy for CdG.  This isn’t a fast-food setup, but rather a gentle process. The history of the chateau, and the beauty of the region, deserves respect and a certain stillness.”

Costume Detail, a long-time source of fascination, inspires with her ‘about’ column.

“I am a costume designer and every day I see things that are fascinating and inspiring. They are the benefits of my profession.

Things not destined to be seen in the films.
Tools of the trade, research, materials.
Things out of context.
Things I collect and hope to use someday.
Fabrics, prints and articles of clothing.
Trimmings, equipment, workplaces.”

Yes, the benefits of my profession. Yes, things not destined. Yes, things out of context. Exactly. And finally the trials, the tribulations, the beautiful imagery of Saipua and her other projects; they hit so close to home, I hope I never meet her.