Drawing the Canada-Wide Science Fair : Emily Luce

Drawing the Canada-Wide Science Fair is a collective of sixteen artists who have come together to interpret and play with the spectacle of a national science fair through visual language. By drawing on-site during the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the artists will create and immediately broadcast drawings of selected projects on display. The idea is to expand the notion of drawing around science themes to include the potentials of visual priority, cross-disciplinary work, collaborative drawing, multi-perspectival drawing, non-precious drawing, interactions with people, live tweeting, 5-second-delay blogging, and other unexpected possibilities. Here’s an introduction to Emily Luce, Canada-Wide Science Fair Artist.

Emily Luce is an artist, a designer, and a researcher.

Her work looks at issues of mass industrialization and global society and how these factors influence everyday life. Emily received her MFA (Design) from NSCAD in 2000 and her BA (Art, + Center for Arts & Technology certificate) from Connecticut College in 1997. She joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, New Media Department at the University of Lethbridge in the fall of 2006. In 2013, she re-opened her art and design  studio, and continues her service as President of the Board of Directors of DesignInquiry.


Interior Floorplans, The Cardiff/Miller House, 2012, © Emily Luce

I am interested in the idea of creative nerve centres, especially when they are fleeting. I think Science Fairs are a site of creativity and invention, that appear to operate under a mysterious set of processes, assumptions and rules. I am looking forward to exploring what happens when art & drawing processes, assumptions and rules interact with this site of creative locomotion.