Letters to Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Yet another year without your wise council, and another occasion to kneel and worship at the shrine of decadence. It was you who taught me that we must constantly be reminded that excess knows no bounds, so thank Heavens for Super Sunday.

As I suspected, the media could not wait to hail Joe Flacco as some sort of quarterback messiah. Don’t get me wrong, he had a great season and the Ravens wanted the title more than anyone else, so it seems. Joe Montana he is not, and it disgusted me to read him being compared to Joe, or even to Tom Brady. Gimme a break, he threw a decent game, that is what he is paid to do, and he has some work to do before having his name spoken in the same breath as Joe and Tom.

I am a fan of neither the 49ers nor the Ravens, although I did put my money on San Francisco. But let us be reminded that the Ravens blew a huge lead and were 1 play away from trailing the 49ers with less than two minutes to play. One play from losing the game to a second string quarterback who was starting in his 10th NFL game ever. One play away from letting the first team ever in a Super Bowl, come back from more than a ten point deficit to a possible win. That is some exciting shit, and I have not been on the edge of my seat watching anything, in a long time. Kaepernick played a brilliant second half, and played equally to Flacco, but numerous mistakes were made early in the game by the 49ers, and you just can’t afford to make mistakes when playing against savages such as the Ravens. Ravens are after all, carnivorous scavengers. In the end it was an exciting game, and no one wants to watch a stomping on Super Sunday.

Also! Can you explain to me dear Hunter, why, in a great music city such as New Orleans, must we have to suffer Beyonce’ at the half time show? What kind of weirdness is that? The home of great Jazz and Blues, and what do we get? Pyrotechnics and lip synching. Was Dr. John out of town or something? Is anyone in charge here?

Well Dr. Thompson, I will bring this hollow rant to a close, perhaps next year I will return with a pre game prediction. The NFL is still one of the greatest shows on earth no matter who is in the center ring on Super Sunday. I am hopeful that next Super Sunday as we gather on the hallowed grounds of New Jersey, that the big machine will continue to outdo itself, and the shrine of decadence at which we kneel on that day, will continue to know no bounds.