DesignInquiry 2013 Program STATION

DesignInquiry is in the planning stages for its Vinalhaven topic, STATION. STATION: pause, ponder, play : What are the “stations” of our work, interactions, and play? When our networks are not only local but also regional, global, and frequently “virtual,” where is activity situated? Do we yearn for both fixity of place and transitory freedom?…

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Calculated Risks / Pragmatic Leaps

DesignInquiry in NYC

Holy crap: the plan is working. My decision to leave the Most Stable Job in the World in order to pursue ‘the untenured life’ as Ann Cline calls it has been a topic of almost continuous contemplation over the past year. Nagging thoughts (surely I have the tools and skills, I know Rod does, surely…

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The Structure Disappears and All Phases are Visible


Margo and I are in Richmond, Virginia, getting ready to give a talk about DesignInquiry at VCU today. We are rounding up as many DI alumni and sympathizers as we can find, to generate the kind of community that DI has while in situ, at an accelerated pace. I think we’ve even got some dogs…

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